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    The new and updated third edition of Finding France in Australia: just $24.95 – post free.

    By Alison Patience and Sally Matheson

    It’s a love affair! Australians love France and the first edition of Finding France in Australia found many new friends. This third edition is compiled with the help of “personal French finds” from lovers of France all around Australia:

    • French restaurants and cafes
    • French food stores and pâtisseries
    • French wine in Australia
    • French and French-inspired home style, ideas and gifts
    • Language classes and schools
    • French cuisine classes.

    Including an introduction from Saliha Lefevre, director of Alliance Française de Melbourne and features on Dominique Portet Winery, Le Très Bon, Bollinger Champagne, Paris to Provence Melbourne French Festival, and Barge Vacations.


    A French Christmas

    A favourite little gift book for lovers of France – celebrating Christmas in France, the Feast of St Nicholas, Lyon’s la Fête des Lumières, December 24, La Fête des Rois, decorating for Christmas, Christmas markets in France and festive vocabulary. $9.95 plus Postage $3 for single order, postage free with other books.

Greeting Cards

Send a little reminder of France to friends and family! Beautiful photos sourced in France, cards are blank inside for your personal message. With envelopes. Themes:

  • Les Portes Françaises – French Doors
  • Les Fruits et les Fleurs –Fruits and Flowers
  • Les Fenêtres Françaises – French Windows
  • Les Couleurs du Sud – Colours of the South
  • Les Villages de Montagnes Françaises – French Hill Villages

Single cards $3.95 (minimum 4).
Any four cards $12.
Any six cards: $16.50
Any 8 cards $22
Any 10 cards $27.50
Postage free.

About ‘Finding France in Australia’

paints3_SalThe first edition of Finding France in Australia (which launched in 2008) was compiled by two friends with a love of everything French, who live in Australia, yet yearn for French food, décor and style. Alison Patience and Sally Matheson filled the book with places they’d found, added little stories, then sent it into the world to see if it touched a chord with anyone else.
“To our absolute joy, the book found many friends both Australian and French, who kindly said it was not only useful but enjoyable,” they said. And readers from all over Australia also sent names of new “finds”.
The second edition in 2010 was just as popular and now we are very proud to present the third edition, with some glorious photographs by avowed Francophile Sonia Jones from France Vacations and contributions from lovers of France far and wide.

Again, finding French places in Australia has also been a journey of finding friends, new and old, all with a passion for everything French. Our thanks to all of them:

  • Alison Patience, Head of the French Department at Albert Park College in Melbourne, founding co-author, inspiration and the fount of all knowledge of the French language and French culture.
  • Saliha Lefevre, Director of Alliance Française de Melbourne, who kindly wrote the introduction.
  • Designer Nick Richards of Privaro Design, who was responsible for making the books such a visual pleasure.
  • Sonia Jones of France Vacations/Barge Vacations, who travels to France several times each year and kindly allowed us to use so many of her fabulous photographs.
  • Noel Waite AO FVAS, who painted the watercolour, Carousel in Nice, the two tier merry-go-round which has featured on the first page of each edition – symbolising the “extra level” above the ordinary which creates French style.
  • Fiona MacDonald of Fine Wine Partners, who provided the images for the Madame Bollinger feature.
  • Paris to Provence Melbourne French Festival (Laura Rancie), who provided most of the photographs from the delightful French Festival.
  • Dominique and Julia Portet for their unfailing support and the photographs of the Dominique Portet winery.
  • Christophe and Josephine Gregoire, for photography for the Le Trés Bon feature.
  • The many people from all around Australia who contributed French finds and the helpful people at the “French Finds’ listed in the book, who happily provided more beautiful photographs.
  • All the other photographs, apart from Sonia Jones’ photos, are from the Finding France in Australia Greeting Cards Collection.

And finally, although we have tried to include as many “French finds” as possible, we know there will be many who have been missed, so email us with the information.
Mille mercis!
Sally Matheson


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